Friday, 18 February 2011

The Art Of The Title Sequence

I've have been on the Art of the title sequence website and I have seen many title sequences that have inspired me.

Saturday Night Fever contact sheet

This title sequence is from the movie 'Saturady night fever' where John Travolta plays the main role. The style of the titles are very plain but the audience are still able to see it through the bright red colour used. These titles start by introducing the title of the movie and then the main character, as the title sequence develops, the audience are able to see who the directors, musicaians and producers are.
The images on this title sequence constantly show the main character 'John Travolta', this is a way to advertise the movie.
The title sequence uses different types of shots like close ups, mid shots and establishing shots inorder to give an insight to the audeince of what's happening. Through this the audience can get a certain clue of the type of character John Travolta.

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