Monday, 21 February 2011

Film That Inspires Me...

The Film 'Black Swan' Really Inspires me. The idea for our thriller film was from the black swan. This is a new thriller film that came out this year 2011. We were really inspired by this film. We did not want to copy the idea of a swan that is mentally and physically disturbed as this would be Intextuality We were also inspired by the title as this has to sides telling a story to it, The 'Swan' being quite pure and nice but the 'Black' is the negative and bad side. So for our title we gave it 'Sinful Wings', The word 'Sinful' being a negative imagery and the 'Wings' being quite girly and happy. If we kept the title as 'Wings', this would not inspire the audience to think and watch it as a thriller movie as it does not invovle nothing being suspenful of being scary or thriller like. 

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