Monday, 7 February 2011


Watching Film openings of which students have made in the previous years helped us to know what goes well with films and what doesnt.
Hearing critics from the teachers and other students also helped.
We decided to NOT use :


Blood is a feature of which is more so used in horror movies rather than thrillers. It shouldnt be used in Thriller Openings on most occasions because it is an effect of which can either be seen as too dramatic or just fake. We decided not to use any blood in our film opening. We want the audience to wonder more about our character.

We saw that victims being followed is a re-occuring feature of which was used in a lot of the past films. We wanted to have originality and more of a creative opening and chose not to use this. Following is a good effect in some films however, it is used too much and can make the film very predictable.

KNIVES/GUNS: Not only are these weapons ILLEGAL but we think that using these props give a 'lazy' effect. There are other ways to portray a murderer other than the fact that they handle weapons. Especcially since our film is a Pyscological Thriller, we feel as though the audience should get to know the character a bit more first.

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