Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Other Fonts


Aswell as using 'Serif' and 'Sans serif' fonts, many title sequences use other fonts. Many depend on the theme of the movie or what the creators want to portray to the audeince.
Here are some examples of other fonts:

This font is used in the James Bond 007 movies. Certain fonts can even be used as a form of identification. Anyone who would see this font will immediately identify to which film it belongs to.

This type of font is a lot more femenine which will usually be ina title sequece of a film that it's target audeince are women. This is a form of grabbing the attention of it's audience.

This type of font is used in more male targeted movies, however this font does not always target men but could target a variety of audiences who are interested in a sinister movies.

Fonts are very important in a films title sequence as it could show the theme of the movie but it also manges to engage it's audience. Many title sequences use very overwhelming fonts inorder for the audience to concentrate on the particular font, however other title sequences use very plain fonts like Serif and Sans Serif to make sure that the audience is more aware of the images behind rather than the actual writing. These plain fonts are usually used in a narrative opening title sequence as the audience is forced to focus on the film behind the writing.

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