Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Effect of Editing- Pedigree Dog Ad

On the 18th of January 2011 we were introduced to editing, playing around with the effects and all the different things we could use to edit our clips. We used slow motion as one of the effects when trying to create suspense or show in detail a certain extract of the clip that would not be clear or very visible to a viewer if it was in normal speed.

This ad by Pedigree shown in Canada, shot a 1,000 frames per second, really allows the audience to see the details of the dogs body and the flight of the dog food into its mouth. The music also plays part in the advert, its slow and suspenseful and builds up as the food is launched and lands in the dogs mouth, as if the goal was reached (the goal being the food landing in the dogs mouth, to which they try to show that good food is important for a dog, and their brand is what their pet needs). Even though it is not a thriller, it creates suspense that is both effective and necessary to make the advert successful.

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