Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Inpiration for our thriller

  Law Abiding Citizen is one of the film openings that have inspired us.  The sudden shock that is presented from the first few minutes of the film is the main attraction. The way that, like in the stepfather, all appears normal, the girl and the father, just sitting doing their own thing. The best part in my opinion, is when the mother shouts out 'Hey, I'm home', which makes it all seem so normal, and it's accompanied by the knock on the door which makes us believe that it's the mother at the door. 

   The Town is the second movie we looked at that inspired us. The idea of having people disguised as a nuns, etc. with full outfits. And also having a character that seems innocent, but really is playing with the viewer. The same way that a nun is seen as an innocent character but in the film it is used to play with the viewer and the other characters in the film.

 The Stepfather is another of our inspirations, as one of the films we have watched in class and analysed its opening title sequence and idea, we are fairly familiar with it. The opening shows the attempt of a change of identity of a man who calmly killed a family and took all of their money, looking for his next victims. We like the calmness of the character, the way he acts as if it is all normal, and suddenly you see the dead bodies of the family. Their are small hints that allow you to believe that this character is the 'evil' or 'bad' man in the film; the organisation of his kit in the bathroom shows an obsession, the silent night song, and the kitchen utensils with blood in the sink (which would be more understandable if it were one or two utensils, but there was more than two in the sink which made it all the more creepy). 

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