Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Q4&5 Media Institution

As part of our evaluation we need to think about how we would advertise and distribute our films. This is a very important part of actually  making a film successful. In order to attract a good target audience we have to be extremely realistic about our student film release and have to   take into account that Candi Studios are a low budget company but we still have up to date equipment and facilities that will make our films look as good as possible. For our thriller movie  (DeadLine) we did decided to use Candi Studios as it is a low budget production company so we have to find ways of advertising it in mnay different ways.

Our film is a student video that will be released over the Internet on Vimeo, embedded onto a blog and may find its way onto YouTube or social net working websites.'The Screen On The Green' on the 5th of April 2011 to an audience of 180. Lets also not forget that the film is then to be released on DVD (the date of the DVD release is currently unknown), and a total of 200 DVDs will be out. 
There is an advantage of us being students and actually having the opportunity to film a Thriller movie. Continuously young people are forever spending hours on ends on social networking sites such as Sites Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook is exceptional useful as young people who my thriller audience is often have hundreds and hundreds of friends on Facebook. Once they upload their video there 'friends' can view it and 'Share' it to their list. This is therefore a continuous cycle that allows the movie to be published and distributed through a social networking site. They can also get comments and 'likes' giving feedback and criticism on their movie.  I have also shared my video on youtube and got some comments and feedback. 

Below are some screen Shots and evidence of our thriller movie posted on Youtube with Comments and likes:- 

Below this shows how many people have viewed this and how many likes and dislikes. 

Below this shows the comment we got back...Mostly Positive comments :). 

An example of some student work on the Internet that has had quite a large number of hits is:

The Internet has been used to launch this movie to a wider audience as it has been published on YouTube one of the worlds most visited music and film sites that have millions of views a day. This Thriller opening called 'Aftermath ' from students that attend hurtwoodhouse performance college made 226 views on YouTube. It has also published through as our media teachers shared the link with us so we could access it accordingly. I think their target audeicne is for about 20 year old as it hold elements that young people may not be remotely interested in. It slightly has elements of crime/psychological thriller sub genres and rally does have some interesting shots. I followed a similar model of launching my film will be shown in a cinematic screening in front of students from the AS media department, i will probably then be able to ask people what they thought about my thriller opening. This also shows how putting in a low budget film on websites like youtube can be quite famous around small sites. 

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It reaches a wide audience and with a YouTube page you can receive user feedback and comments on how well the video actually was, you can remain anonymous. However you have to have signed up with YouTube in order to comment or like videos. This makes publicising better and more effective as it keeps being social involved and they can say what they think. 

Below shows how many views it has had...Wow a Lot. As you can see it is very famous and millions of people have viewed it. 

Below shows how many comments it has had...Which is a lot as well. !

Overall even though having a low budget film it can be put on sites like face book and youtube and can be viewed many people. 

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