Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Q.4/5

DEAD-LINE is an independent film on an extremely limited budget and so therefore it will need as much publicity and distribution as possible.
A way of doing this is by uploading the film on Youtube. Youtube has a daily view base of 54% in the UK alone and so we decided to upload our film on youtube.
We decided to inco-operate the traditional "word of mouth" with the upload on youtube and so told people to go on it.
Facebook was also beneficial as it enabled us to post status' aswell as posting the video on peoples wall's so that their friends can watch it aswell as themselves.

In less than a week we were able to obtain 116 views aswell as comments from viwers, many of which we didnt even know!

Websites such as IMDb.com (The internet movie database) are well known for advertising new films so if we needed some publicity we would post details of the forthcoming movie on this website.
Furthermore, our film has recently been uploaded on a video site called 'Vimeo' this has enabled more audiences to watch our opening. As well as ensuring security as in order to watch our film you must be a member. This way less people would copy our idea or download the film illeagally.

Moreover, a screening in a small cinema in North London. Approximatley 200 people will be able to watch our film in the cinema,

Lastly, 200 copies of a DVD with our film will be given , so people at home can watch our film and even have people over to watch it.

We didnt have the million dollar budget as the well successful film AVATAR had, due to its money it was able to have many sources of advertisment such as:  The MSN HOMEPAGE TAKEOVER

 Homepage takeovers offer a "one of a kind" roadblock of a film product on a well visited website.It enables a company to recieve
Massive brand exposure for your brand, product or service , and Excellent marketing tool for driving awareness for new product launches

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