Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Q1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Se7en, Pink Panther and Deadline

Here are some Still shots of the film Se7en and some still shots from our opening Deadline:

We decided that we were going to use Sans Serif font just like the film Se7en in order to follow some conventions. This type of font also enabled the audience to focus on the footage rather than on the titles. Also the use of black screens is a convention followed by many movies and so we thought it would be good for our opening to  also have black screens. We thought that it would be good idea to also do it as it gives the clip a more sinister effect.

Here is a still shot from the film Pink Panther and a shot from our thriller opening:

 Here is a still shot of the film Pink Panther where it's seen that the criminal leaves a white glove behind as clue of who committed the crime, we decided to intergrate this in our opening, DEADLINE by making our main character leave a scarf behind also as form of a clue.

Here is a detailed still shot from the film Se7en:

  As it's seen in the still shot from the film Se7en the shot is very detailed as the shot is being focused on small but significant things, things that give a small insight of the character without completely understanding what the character is doing. We decided to intergrate this in our thriller opening by doing match cuts of the main character putting on lipstick, drinking a tablet, picking up a glass of water and wearing blusher. These small things help our audience to understand what it happening but we do not 'spoon feed' our audeince by giving too much away.    

Overall, I think that our group have follwed very well conventions thriller movies. I believe that we were very successful in creating suspense (which is the most important thing) through these conventions. We were also able to use Intertextuality through these conventions and created a sense of realism with our opening. Many of our audience will be on the edge of their seats but still have certain feeling of security as they almost know what might happen next. I feel very proud of our thriller opening and I think that we have achived our aim which is to attract women between 20 to 40 years old.

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