Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Q.8

This whole expirience was a learing progress.

Blogging: Blogging was something i had never even heard of and so, it was very beneficial to learn how to post videos, photos and it was also a source of keeping in touch with my group.
JVC Cameras/Filming equipment: Filming our opening has enabled me to gain knowledge of using professional filming cameras as well as the parts that come with it such as spotlights and tripods. I learned how to set up the cameras and insert the memory cards and then eventually put it on to the computers. It became an everyday thing and so I feel as though i know it well.
Apple Mac Computers: Initially i felt old fashion as i did not know how to work the computers as much as others but slowly but surely i learned a lot about its programmes and software such as Livetype and inserting sound.

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