Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Q7: Technologies

During this As Media Studies course we have used various different types of equipment, programs and forms of social media. 

We were first introduced to the cameras and the rest of the equipment; the JVC and the flip camera, the lights, the memory cards, and the tripod.
We (Group 11) had a couple of issues with the memory cards and realize how important they are. All our clips are saved onto them, they are unable to be stored on the JVC camera itself. We used the tripod to ensure that the camera did not shake while filming, which gives the video a sleeker, more professional look. We used the flip video camera to make video blogs. We also used an SLR (not from the college) to take photographs of us when we were filming. 
When we were first taught how to use the cameras we filmed a 'bag swap' which is also up on our blog (http://thriller11group11.blogspot.com/2011/01/bag-swap.html ). 

At the same time we were introduced to the Macs and Blogger. 
We were taught how to blog (using blogger). This was useful as it helped us to keep some sort of record of ideas, research, and to keep in touch with other group members. We blogged mainly about the thriller and things related to it, however on occasionally we did blog about other things like adverts (camera angles), title sequences (fonts) and/or films we had watched. All these things were also related to the thriller but in a more indirect way. After having filmed the 'bag swap' we were taught how to use the programs on the Mac. We began with Final Cut Pro (to edit the clips and put them all together), then we went on to Sound Track Pro (make the sound for the film), and then onto Live Type Pro (to put the titles onto the film). 

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