Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Q4&5 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Launching our video to a wider audience!

Here is an example of a student work which had a large number of hits:

This video was done by a group also going A level media, they were very successful in doing their film (they got and A for their work). They used a variety of shots, angles and the editing was done very well making the footage flow. The sound used in their film was very effective as it created lot of suspense for the their target audience. In order to launch their movie to a wider audience, they put up their video on You Tube so that a variety of people could see it.

Our group also done this, by uploading our thriller opening DEADLINE on You Tube and getting 119 hits. However as well as using the internet and social networking sites like Facebook and vimeo, we used a very traditional method to launch or movie to our audience this was done through projecting our finished product on a cinema screen in Angel Islington. The cinema was called 'The screen on Green'. After seeing our film on a big screen we felt proud of the hard work we done and for me it was rewarding. the hard work paid off!
Traditionally, 200 DVDs are being distributed to our media classes. Many people will be able to see our movie through this. However, the use of Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and even Vimeo allowed us to launch our video to more people and get a lot of different feedback from them. These traditional methods of distributing were done as we have a very low budget to distribute our videos in bigger places. Through the amazing internet we managed to show our movie to more people.

 These social networking sites were the main ones used to launch our video and many videos. These helped us get good feedback and see whether we managed to achieve our purpose which was to attract females aged between 20 to 40. I can say that my group have successfully achieved our goal! 
NOTE: These social networking sites are examples of the type of media which would promote our movie.

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