Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Q7. Technologies

We were introduced to new technologies that we had to use majority of the time. These technologies are some of the things i learnt during editing and doing filming. 

1. Blogger
Blogger. The software that allows us to share our ideas and catch up on work we may have missed.

2. Imac
Macs: This is where we did all of the editing, aswell as using quicktime

3. Sound Track Pro

(Livetype, soundtrack pro & final cut pro): Each programme let us do a different thing to construct the film


4. Final Cut Pro

5. Live Type Pro

6. JVC Video Camera 
The JVC cameras: The camera's that let us create the actual film aswell as the prelim. Thecameras helped us achieve a proffesional quality film. The cameras can be complicated to use, we had a lesson prepping us with how to use them.
7. JVC Camera

8. Lights 
The lights we used was to have better quality in a dark room. 

9. Memory Cards 
Memory Cards: They were essential in holding all our film work. They slot into the cameras and directly into the Apple Macs.

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