Thursday, 7 April 2011


  • Camera: - Focus, how to set up right frame, 2/3 1/3 rule.
  •  Editing: - Effects, Fades/Transitions, manipulating shots, match cutting, cross cutting, jump cuts etc.
  • Titles: - Font suggests type of movie to the audience, sequence has to follow a convention
  •  Mise en Scene: - Props, outfits, locations, make-up etc

    •  Team work: - How to contribute ideas equally and communication skills.
    •  Organisation: - How to do very careful research and planning, realised itss essential to make a good movie.
    •  Lighting: - Spot lights, effects lighting can have on the way the audience views a character
    •  Sound: - Learned it was tricky to work with voices as they don't sound good, sound fx, diegetic and non diegetic- plus sound track very important to create mood.
    •  iMac: - We also learnt how to use the iMacs to help improve the quality of our work.

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