Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Q.7

We've learned about a range of technologies from the process of constructing our product.

Initially we were introduced to Blogger.com this was extremely beneficial as we were able to post our research of Thriller Openings/Films as well as keep in touch with our group. Blogger also helped us go back and work on our film according to our research.

We also used JVC cameras in order to film our opening. We filmed according to the plan which was up on Blogger.com .JVC cameras were very useful as we then could instantly upload our film on the New Apple Mac Computers and start to edit.

Technologies were used in order to edit our opening after filming it with the JVC camera. We used Final Cut Pro in order to choose the clips of which we believe that we needed. We then used Soundtrack Pro which enabled us to insert sound of which fitted in with the editing we had done on Final Cut Pro. We then put our rough cut on Blogger.com  And when we were sure we were finished after hearing feedback and improving the opening, we put it on YouTube.

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