Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Day out "Researching"

 I'd just like to stress that if you plan on going to watch UNKNOWN and don't want to know what will happen DO NOT READ THIS.

On Saturday 12th March we all went to Vue cinema and wathched 'Unknown'. A action film about a guy (Liam Neeson) who loose's his identity (or so we were lead to believe) from a car crash in Germany. He later wakes up in acoma in hospital where the doctors have no idea who he is or where his wife is. When he goes to look for her at the hotel they checked in together, she  is with another man who claims to be her husband. She say's she has no recognition for him, however he is convinced he is her husband and knows alot about him e.i. his schedual for the week, the conversations he's had with people, his childhood etc.The rest of the film consists of him trying to find his real identity and him trying to deal with finding out the person he was and change that. 

We all really enjoyed the film and thought it was a excellent idea for a film, however had no interest in using intertextuality with it as our idea is completley different.

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