Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mise en Scene for New Film Idea.

Since we decided to re-do our film and change initial ideas of which failed to turn out as well as we imagined, We thought we'd keep some of the mise en scene the same as well as make some changes.

THE BED: initially we wanted a Batchelors Pad of which a 'paying costumer' stayed in. The idea was to make it a dark room of which was just plain and simple.
Although the location of the filming was the same we decided to stick to the idea of a plain bedroom with laminated flooring and white sheets rather than a complicated bedroom.

SMALL PROPS: We decided to use some props of which describes the type of character we are portraying. For example; Pills/paracetamol to show that she has a headache or probably just enjoys taking them and Make-up to show that the character cares about her appearance.

COSTUME: We chose to use the outfit of which we would expect a 'hooker' to wear, like: Hold up tights, a plain black dress and a pair of heels. The appearance of our character is pretty much self explanatory.

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