Tuesday, 15 March 2011


After editing a large part of our opening we noticed it had not turned out as well and as long as we initially thought and we decided that the best thing was to re-film.
We had to re-think our thriller opening, using the same idea but talking out those bits that degraded the film and add in things that would make it succeed.

Things to change:
  • Quality of image
  • Mise-en-scene (dress code, props e.g. teddy to show innocence, no wings)
  • Some actions
  • Filming (more shots, different angles)
We decided to forget about the fairy wings, maybe if we had better costumes and a much better mise-en-scene and a lot more time it would have worked well, but the fact that we did not really have the time or the experience is not really going to make this into a good opening. We are going for the same idea but we are changing a few things.

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