Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Title For our Final Film...

As we changed our idea around we had to change our title. Before we decided to have it 'Sinful Wings'. This is because we had the character wearing wings which is a sign that she is meant to be innocent looking and something that she leaves behind at the end. However now that we don't have the wings involved in the film we had to change it. At this point we are not finalised on what we should have. But we have one which is 'Room 333'. This is one of our idea as the characters door is 333.
As we are in the process of editing we yet have not decided on the fonts but have few ideas which relate to the theme.

There are some Fonts from thriller movies which really has inspired me. Down Below are some thriller poster with title fonts which i reallu liked and inspired me a lot..

best thriller movies of all time
Above Is the thriller movie 'The Unborn'. I really like this type of font as well as how its been placed. With 'The' In the middle of the 'O' Looks really nice and different. Here The text it modern quite simple, white and plain. Which looks very good with the glow. I Would like for my thriller movie to be something similar to this as i think its not too much and doesn't give much away. Also its quite plain and simple. 

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I Also really like this type of font as it does look scary with the long 'L' and most of the letters being quite long and looks like its been pulled down. Again its quite plain with simple white colour which looks good. 

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