Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Music Choices...

The music in a film plays a very big part. The music emphasis an action. This also suggests the genre and sets the mood for the film before it is fully watched. Automatically when we hear a scary sound in a film we quickly think that it is going to be scary. A unique opening of a thriller movie that really inspired me of the music and sound is in 'The Stepfather'. At the beginning we hear the children singing 'Silent night' and we hear the music behind it, then it switches into a dark slow creepy odd sound when we see the people layed on the floor. Which at first we think the man is all innocent until we hear the bad music. I Think this is a clever way because it does not give much away and puts the audience in been confused in a way in what to believe if the guy is innocent or not.

As this really inspired our group we thought of putting a childish song at first to match with the character and then slowly change it to something very dark, slow and creepy.

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