Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mise En Scene For Final Thriller Film

As We Changed our whole idea and re-done our film there were many things that we needed to change. We re-done our film due to less clips and did not turn out very well as we imagined it. However we kept the same character and some props the same. 

The Bedroom:- We Kept the idea of a plain dark bedroom with wooden flooring. As this location for the film matched with the idea of our story. 

Props: We decided to use some props which convays the characters background and how she really is. EG: Pills Which indicates that she maybe over doses her self.  Makeup to show that she takes care of how she looks. High Heels, Short Dress with See Through tights which shows that she's very open with her figure and body and likes to show her self off. We Also have this scarf that she always wears around her neck which is something that she drops at the end to create that sense of Suspicion. 

Camera Shots: We did many different camera shots. We did close ups of the props and the characters body parts. We did many match cuts. Also towards the end we did this shot were the camera is on the floor sliding towards a phone

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