Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Process: The Ideas

We first started with the idea of a young girl who plays an innocent killer and decided to call the film Sinful Wings. At first it seemed like a good idea, well it did the way that we imagined it turning out. However, what we had imagined and our end product were completely different. When we began editing on a Tuesday, we found we did not have enough footage and our footage was not as good as we had imagined. 

We had to make a quick decision and chose to re-film the next day. Putting aside the issues we had on this day, our recordings came out quite well and we were definitely happy with it. It took us a little longer than we planned to edit the clips but when we finished we decided to get on with the sound. It was fairly easy as we had decided pre-editing what kind of things we wanted to include, sound of the objects like the glass on the table, the make-up brush (also) on the table, and the street, which are the main examples of this. We also decided to have a constant sound throughout the opening. Once we finished with the sound we went on to the titles which were also simple to get done as we had also previously planned it. 

The changes between Sinful Wings and Dead Line:
We stripped away the innocence, but we still needed to use the same idea so we continued with the same character and tried to make her more serious, to try and make the audience take her as a character more seriously and really keep her in line with the idea and actions in the story. She is supposed to be a killer and maybe the wings did not really help the audience see her that way. 

The idea of the tittle:
The hand in the background, holding a phone, is one of a man who has been murdered and in his last moments attempted to call 999 for help. He is already dead and like the Pink Panther, she leaves something behind, as a calling card (which was another title idea) but the idea is for her to leave something in the crime scene that would not help anyone get hold of her or make it harder for investigators or police to find out the story. We have played with the words for the title, dead (as in physically dead) line (as in the phone line) and it could also mean that the young girl has a dead line to mean but also using the other meanings hence the separation of the words. 

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