Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Filming Day!

Today we finally got the chance to shoot our thriller opening. As our idea was simple, we only had to shoot in one place, a hotel room. Even though most of the group had done a practise run during one of the lessons, it was not as easy as we thought, and some changes to the original idea were made depending on what we saw as viewers while filming.
We had assigned the role of photographer to a member of our group, taking pictures during set-up and filming. Our idea includes a male role, and being all girls in our group none of us were able to play this part even though you do not see the face of the male we still thought it would be good to have a guy play this role.

We repeated various parts of our opening just to make sure we were completely happy with it, and not forgetting the 5 second rule so that we could edit effectively.
Main actress, Chika,getting her make-up done
Exploring different shots
Setting-up the equipment

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