Friday, 4 March 2011

Locations for thrillers

I went and re-searched for a perfect location for a Thriller film.
With the help of other films I noticed that a lot of Thriller films are situated in closed and isolated locations.

The Stepfather: This move is predominantly filmed inside a suburb house rather than a typical 'graveyard' of which you would expect in a 'scary' film. The location went well with the film as using everyday rooms created a creepy effect as the viewer will wonder if they could ever be in that position. David Harris (the step father) uses the basement to store dead bodies and evidence of his ways.

Pysco: The opening of this film is taken in the shower with the shower curtain closed. This has the effect of giving the impression of a cramped area. The audience feel as though they are taking a shower too and when the murderer comes it has an affect of the invasion of privacy this  makes it a finger biting thriller.

Hide and Seek: The opening of this Psychological/Supernatural Thriller is filmed in a playground/park. The park is so big yet there is only one child spinning on the wheel. The atmosphere seems cold and grey rather than sunny and bright. In this case, the mood of the movie is set here.

Law Abiding Citizen: This is a Crime/Psychological Thriller. The opening of this movie is set in a wealthy suburban house. This contrasts from the stereotypical views that bad things happen in poorer areas. This too has a great, thrilling effect.

So, we decided to film ours in a wealthy area as that is where you would least expect such things to happen. Furthermore, most of the opening is filmed in a bedroom. We found that the location of our film is more or less self explanatory as the bed symbolises sex- which is implied that our character is active of.
Also, it is personal space and so there are no witness' if she has done anything bad... like killed a costumer.

We also chose to film all our opening in one room rather than many places as it doesn't complicate the film and suspense is build up this way better.

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