Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Q.1

The idea of a black screen with white writing establishing the people involved in making the film is used in SE7EN is used in our thriller opening also.

Close ups of the main character doing something or picking something is also used in both our film opening ans se7ens film opening.

In both our film and Se7en we ensured that the title of our film was placed at the middle of our opening rather than the beginning or end.

In the beginning of both se7en and our film opening, we used a supporting company "presents..."


(body PARTS rather than the whole body)

                                                       ( members  of cast stated)


While our film begins with an establishing shot so that the viewer acknowledges the location of the film. The open of Se7en doesnt do this.

We used Serif Fonts While Se7en Used Sans Serif fonts

While the character in our film cared a great deal about her appearance and was a female character, in se7en, the face of the character is not shown and it also conveys a scruffy and viloent man from the beginning.

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