Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Problems We Had filming for first Film 'Sinful wings'...

On The filming day we had a major problem with the location of the place for our film. As we needed a bedroom no one in our group had a house to use, so the only solution was a cheap hotel or a cheap room. On the day the most of the time went on looking for a hotel. Also we were in a rush as most of us had to get back as we had other lesson, so this was another panic and short time to film. However we were very organised because the lesson before hand we planned our properly all the shots in order how we are going to shoot them all the notes and feedback we had was all written down so that on the filming day we did not waste time on thinking how to shoot and etc. After looking for half and hour for a room we finally found one at the end. Which we did get charged for. The other problem we had was we needed a male character for our film. As we had no males in our group. But someone form our group new a male that would play a part in our film which was good.  The room we had was excellent for lighting. Whilst filming there was not problems as we knew exactly what to do. So at the end we were very happy with our filming on how it went.

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