Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Q.3

The idea of an ideal viewer for our thriller film is thought to be a female as it is a Romantic-Thriller Genre and also, in her mid-twenties.
Below is a made up character of which i have created in order to represent the thought of character for our film 'DEAD-LINE'

 Beth Horton is 24 years old and just completing her course in university. She enjoys subjects such as psychology in which she can study the human mind especially those of which are unstable.
She loves social networks and even has her own blog where she reviews physiological thrillers. Her favorite films are Black Swan and DEAD-LINE.
When she watches films like DEAD-LINE she often goes online or meets with fellow students where they discuss the film asking questions kike - 'what made her do this?'  and 'who made her like this?'

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