Monday, 28 March 2011



Dead Line

  • The black screens with white writing used in our title sequence to establish who was involved in the producing of the film was also used in Se7en.
  • Close-ups of the main characters doing something simple e.i. taking a tablet. Close-up of their hands. Gives a haunting feeling as the viewers feel they are deprived of a full view of the character.
  • Both Dead Line and Se7en ave decided to place their title in the middle of the title sequence rather than at the beginning or end.
  • Both title sequences open with the name of the supporting company "presents..".
  • Both title sequences only show body parts of the characters rather than long shots of the whole bodies.

  • Dead Line's opening scene of the title sequence is an establishing shot of the location setting, whereas Se7en doesn't do this.
  • Dead Line used Serif Fonts while Se7en uses a Sans Serif Font. 
  • Unlike Se7en, Dead Line show's the face of the mysterious character in the title sequence.

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