Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Q:2

The act of normality like the main character did in the movie stepfather represents a particular social group of curious university graduates aged 24 and over

  In our psychological thriller it is evident that the character cares about her appearance, this is shown when she re-applies her makeup. Furthermore, the character continues to do what she may do on a 'normal' day such as putting on shoes and fixing her hair. This really represents her severe mental instability as there not only is there a dead person in the same house as her, they're in the same room as her! Normal people may feel guilty or even frightened for what they have done. But not this character.
The act of 'normality' has been inspired by The Stepfather  (2009) The character is carefully changing his appearance and then goes on to make breakfast knowing that he has just killed an entire family and they are laying on the floor in the same room as him!!!

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