Monday, 3 January 2011

Detailed analysis of Thriller Clip analysed in class!

What lies Beneath

In the Supernatural and Murderous thriller film, 'What lies Beneath' there is a lot techniques that show all the main aspects of the suspense created throughout the film. In only three minutes of the clip, these aspects are shown.

The camera work used at the beginning of the clip is very slow. The positioning of the camera angles are low to give the audience the sense of being in the same position as the main character. Through this camera work, it gives a sense of reality towards the audience almost making them go through the same situations as the characters. This technique is very effective for a thriller film, as it keeps the audience captivated on the dilemma of the film.

Also, the sound used in the clip plays a major role on attracting audience. In this clip the sound is very ominous which reflects the genre of the film. The sound goes alongside the camera work to make the sense a suspense a lot more effective. The sound on this clip is composed of low string instruments playing at a very slow pace to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

In addition, the Mise en scene used in this clip is a very effective place for the setting of a thriller film. The bathroom is very vulnerable place for someone to be and so provokes the audience to be tense and wonder what is going to happen to the vulnerable woman in the bath.

The pace of the editing is very slow just like the sound. This is to create a dark and ominous effect. This also contributes to the edgy feeling of the audience, making them even more interested on the film. Lastly, the opening credits of the film are very simple, this is so that the audience can focus more on the actual film rather than the credits.
Overall, I enjoyed the openeing clip of this film as it made me wonder what will happen next. It left an urge of wanting to see the rest of the film. This shows that the opening of the clip was successful in showing the features of suspense.

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