Thursday, 20 January 2011

Introduction to Editing!

The idea for today's lesson (18/01/11) was to edit our bag swap movies. When our group, Group 11, looked at our clips and what we could work with, were unhappy and decided it was nessesary to film it again. Using a different idea to the last and different props. The idea was to have 12 different scenes in which a bag swap takes place with either one or both actors aware of the goings on. We were able to edit a little bit of our work, put in and outs on clips to select what if anything we wanted from each of them, add them to the sequence and dissolve the clips, using 'Final Cut Pro' on the Mac.

In the next lesson (20/01/11) we were able to continue our editing, exploring a few more effects like slowing down the clips or speeding them up.

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