Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How is suspense created in the the film watched in class


Dramatic Irony: Throughout the film we are aware the stepfather was a murderer, and as the family slowly warmed to David and believed his stories I became increasingly concerned for their safety as I knew what he was capable of. Also, there was constantly suspicious characters questioning Davids behaviour such as the aunt and oldest son. This increases suspense as the old women in the neighbourhood warned the family about him and she got murdered, so I became worried for the other concerned characters as I know what will happen if David finds out.

Change of Identity:  Before the dead bodies are revealed to us at the end of the opening title sequence, David inherited a new look when he changed his hair, beard and eye colour. Also, at the end when David is approaching a new women, his look has changed once again, this came across as disturbing to me and built suspense as to whats going to happen to that new family.

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