Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Introduction to cameras


CLOSE THE LENS : The lens is the most expensive part of the camera. By leaving the lens protector open we are making the lens prone to being damaged and our shot. Also, by attempting to wipe the lens with our hands we are leaving marks on the lens which will project on to our filming.

KEEP IT OUT OF THE RAIN: Unless it is crucial we film in rain, we must not take out our cameras in the rain. If we must we should go get a big umbrella for our camera to keep it dry. We must treat it like it is our own.

FILM IN LEGAL PLACES: If we film in illegal places like a railway, or film illegal behaviour such as graffiti, our filming will be disqualified. Ask for permission if necessary.

RETURN ON TIME: There is very scarce resources when it comes to the cameras. There is always groups waiting for the camera therefor we must plan when we need them and book them before-hand, and return them when they are due before 9am ready for the next group to use.

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