Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fonts Analysis

The font is an important part of the thriller movie, used to present the credits and titles. We focused on the two main fonts:

  • Serif Fonts - such as Times and Courier. Serif Fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal then Sans Serif Fonts. 
  • Sans Serif Fonts - such as Ariel and Comic Sans. Sans Serif are generally more informal, more modern and more 'friendly'
Sans Serif fonts are mainly used to stand out, make a statement. In the poster for the movie 'Rocky', the name of the movie is in very big and very bold writing, occupying the width of the poster, with some parts of the first and last letter cut of. The title is very informal as is somewhat the film itself, a layed-back movie with a layed-back title, and it almost appears as if it was representing the movie itself in a way, as the character is a boxer, the title could appear as if it were a punch.
In the poster for 'Pearl Harbour', a Serif font is used,portraying and reflecting formality, oldness, and standing tall. It uses an old font, because the viewer will see, the characters are dressed in old fashioned, war time clothing, which also leads us on to the next idea of standing tall, like soldiers in a war, which by looking at the poster, is what the movie seems to be about.

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