Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lists Of Thriller Sub Genres- Which Inspires You at the Moment and Why ?

Thriller Sub-genres:

- Psychological Thriller

- Action Thriller

- Super Natural Thriller

- Political Thriller

- Romance Thriller

- Murderous Passion Thrillers

Psychological thrillers are sub-genres that inspire me the most at the moment. This is because these type of thrillers make you think a lot and is very easy when coming to play with mind games with both characters and the audience. psychological thrillers are clever in a way which keeps the audience wondering about what is going to happen next. This is why it achieves one of the main and important features of suspense.   Also it is clever in ways which characters are more reliant on their minds and intellect rather than their physical ability which differs from the other thriller sun-genres.  Another reason why this inspires me because, it is a very basic but interesting way to cause suspense and play around with peoples feelings and mind. 

The Christopher Nolan thriller film " INCEPTION" is a good example of the "mind playing" technique that a Psychqological thriller film has. This film  begins playing with characters mind by entering them into a wheel of dreams however, it gradually leaves the audience trying to figure out the same mystery and keep in tune with the characters. I  really enjoy this film because it keeps the audience wondering and hooked on about what is really going on in the dream world and puts people in unique minds and frame. 

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