Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thriller sub-genres


Despite thriller being a Genre itself.
It has are sub-genres which include elements of other genres to seperate the types of thriller films.

ROMANCE THRILLER Such as: My bloody Valentine (2009)

DISASTER THRILLER Such as: The day after tomorrow

SUPERNATURAL THRILLER Such as: The lady in the water

CRIME THRILLER Such as: Oceans 11

... and my favourite sub-genre

Pyschlogical thrillers intrigue me the most. They contain elements which make the audience think deeply and see the people in a different light. It is asthough films are turned into reality as these are people rather than a supernatural form.
Pyschological thrillers like Law Abinding Citizen , Hide and seek and The Step Father highly intrigue me. It is educational as well as suspense building. Psychological thrillers enables the audience to analyse the mental state of an individual after a traumatizing event. Those with unstable mentality do things out of the ordinary and 'crazy' which is great for building suspense and thrill as viewers do not know what the character may do next. Unlike Supernatural Thrillers in which many people cannot see on a daily basis, Pyschological Thrillers occur in REAL HUMAN BEINGS which may seem normal until you have an insight of what they are like behing closed doors- These thrillers allow the viewer inside the life and mind of the character. This creates more of a 'fright' as humans are all over the world..

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