Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thriller Sub-genres

  • Romantic Thriller- He loves me, loves me not
  • Supernatural Thriller - What lies beneath
  • Psychological Thriller - Momento
  • Political Thriller - Enemy of the State
  • Action Thriller - Deja Vu
 Political and Action Thrillers are the sub-genres that appeal to me at the moment. This is because I find them more interesting and would prefer to watch a action/political thriller rather than any of the other thriller's. 

Another reason I enjoy action/political thrillers above all is because they usually have a more mysterious and tense storyline which isn't obvious and apparent at the beginning.

However, romantic thrillers also interest me as they are usually really feel-good and cute to watch every once in a while. Also, I sometimes like to watch them as their story lines are predictable and have a h a p p y  e n d i n g .

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