Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Lurpak Advert

On the 18th of January, we watched an advert by Lurpak that was shown in the cinema. It shows a young guy in the process of making an omelet. The idea which looks or appears to be very dull (a man making an omelet) into something so dramatic, so suspenseful. 

With the wide range of camera angles and suspenseful, tense building music this has to be seen as a very creative and inspiring sequence. 

The clip starts with a low to high angle shot between kitchen objects and zooming in to the eggs, and then moving up the fridge creating suspense and tension. 
I like the way they zoom-in/ focus-on the eye when the man is looking into the fridge and on his fingers when he's tapping the handle, the whisking and cracking of the egg at such a close range, the salt and the bubbles. It's this use of detail that really makes the sequence special and provides it with the suspense.

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