Tuesday, 11 January 2011



Intertextuality is the borrowing of an idea/scene from one film to another. The film "Psycho" was made in the 1960's. It's famous "shower scene" managed to influence many other films and caused them to "borrow" this scene from them. However, each individual film modernized the scene in their own way and altered it to suit their film. 

Below is the youtube link for the shower scene in "Psycho.";

What interests and attracts me about intertextuality is the way such a basic, simple scene such as a character taking a shower and being murdered can become such an inspiration to so many films many generations later, and made it almost into a traditional thriller scene. 

Also, what fascinates me about intertextuality is how all the films which borrowed the shower scene from "Psycho" opted to keep the mise en scene the same with the white tiles, white shower curtain, the birds eye view on the person and the close up and match-cuts as the actor showers. I admire the way they kept the basics the same but were still able to modernise the scene in their own way.

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