Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Introduction to Camera!

Camera Rules!

1. Not touching the lens
    Touching the lens of the camera is not allowed as fingerprints will appear on the footage that has been filmed. The lens is also the most expensive part of the camera and having fingerprints on it will mean buying new lenses.
2. Not getting the camera wet
When filming on a rainy day, it's important that an umbrella is used in order to protect the camera. It is likely that if the camera gets wet it will not work and therefore there will be one less camera for other students to use.

3. Checking equipment before leaving
Its's very important that you check that ALL your equipment is working well and that you are not missing anything before leaving to film somewhere. Not having all the equipment will delay the time you have to film.

4. Do not breal the law
It's important that you film is authorised places, if not then you will be breaking the law. Places like railways are not permitted to film.

5. Return equipment
When borrowing equipment, it's vital that you return it as soon as possible. When borrowing equipment over night, you should return it by the next day before 9am. When borrowing equipment for the week-end, it needs to be back on Monaday before 9am. This is because other students need to also use the equipment and it's not fair if their filming is delayed because of another group.

6. Look after the equipment
You would not let your laptop or your phone get wet or damaged, so why let the school equipment get damaged? You should ALWAYS look after the equipment as if were your own.

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