Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How is suspense created in the film you watched in class? - The Stepfather

The Stepfather (a modern adaptation of the 1987 film) is an example of a film that causes suspense, suspense that causes fright and leaves people on the edge of their seat.

When reading the title of the film, the audience, at first do not realise what the story is about. The tittle does have a sort of thriller side to it, but in comparison with other titles like What Lies Beneath or Jaws. 

There are many moments in this film that most definitely caused suspense, among the most identifiable, here are four examples:
1. The stepfather, David, is in the bathroom with a set of "equipment" (for shaving, shampoos, hair dye, contact lenses, etc.) accompanied by the music, makes us, the audience, ask ourselves why? Why is he completely changing his appearance? It leaves you in suspense. What prolongs that suspense is when David goes downstairs and puts on the song Silent Night which leaves the audience sort of confused. He continues into the kitchen as if it where a normal day, when suddenly you see a dead child on the table, which leaves the audience in shock. (Shown in the Trailer)

2. Again, David, asks his stepson to meet him in the basement for a chat. It's dark and he walks down the stairs into the basement (causing suspense), and suddenly the stepfather creeps up behind him.

3. David rings the bell and the old lady comes out, finding no one, and when she turns back in to her house she gets frightened by her cat, jumping right in front of her, it makes the audience think for a moment that it was David, the stepfather. Straight afterwards, when the audience are still shocked by what had just occurred, the old lady shuts the door of her wardrobe, which had a mirror on the exterior of the door, and the old lady sees David in the reflection of the mirror.

4. The family are aware at this point who David really is, and the stepson's girlfriend and his mum have fallen through the loft floor and landed on the floorboards and a saw falls right down narrowly missing the girls face. (Shown in the trailer)

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