Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Introduction to the cameras- Collateral bag swap scene!

In today's lesson, Tuesday 11th of January, we were introduced to the cameras which we will be using to film our thriller movie.

The camera: 
1. Never touch the camera lens.
2. Always, when not filming, close the lens.
3. Always check if all your equipment is working and you have it all before going off to film. 
4. Always make sure that tripod is balanced.
5. Always treat all of the equipment as if it were your own.
6. Never film in the rain unless you have a big umbrella to cover a camera. 
7. Always return equipment before 9am if borrowed overnight or for the weekend.
8. Never film at dangerous or illegal places, and you may need to ask permission to film in certain places.

Also: As part of the lesson we had to film a bag exchange, as done in Collateral (this is an example of intertextuality).


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