Thursday, 6 January 2011

Detailed Analysis Of Thriller In Class

What Lies Beneath: 

The film that is under the sub-genre of a Supernatural Murderous Passion
is 'What Lies Beneath' directed by Robert Zemeckis. The techniques and methods used within the camera, sound, mise en scene, editing and the title within a film opening, are a key way in which the audience can distinguish what kind of thriller or film they are watching. 
In the film 'What Lies Beneath' the sound we are open to is full of suspense which engages the audience from the start. Also the sound is quite scary and slow with composed low string instruments playing at the background to give the audience a tense feeling and keep them on the edge of their seats.               

At the beginning of the clip the camera work is used with very slow zooms and is very slow as this helps us capture the expressions of the women in the bath. Also the way the camera follows her throughout the scene it tells us that she is very important in the film and she could be one of the main characters. As this camera work as been used it has a relation with the audience as if they are being involved in the same situation as the characters. 
In addition, the camera slowly follows her with a strange sound in the background, and as she picks up the blow dryer and attempts to dry her hair, but a fuse pops and she has an electric shock. The Mise en scene throughout the clip may symbolize death and is important to the sub-genre of murderous passion. The bath and water may symbolize drowning. This frights the audience in a way that they will not know what to expect later in the film.
The pace of the editing is very slow just like the sound. This is to create a dark and tense effect. This also helps the audience making them more focused in the film. Lastly, the opening credits of the film are simple, white text this is so that the audience can focus more on the actual film rather than the credits.

Overall, I enjoyed the opening clip of this film as it made me wonder what will happen next. It left an urgof wanting to see the rest of the film. 

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