Thursday, 6 January 2011

How Is Suspense created in the Film You watched in Class (3 Detailed Scenes)

When watching the thriller film The Stepfather, there were many scenes in the film that was consists of suspense throughout. Three scenes that I found full of suspense and kept me on the edge was: 

Example 1:
When the old lady's cat jumped out and scared her before David came on the screen. This was a very suspenseful moment because as a viewer, you know what David is capable of and when he hears that the woman has been talking about him, he immediately knows he needs to take action, and his actions are no simple action. At the point when the cat jumps out at the woman, the audience are on the edge of their seat because they know that at any point they are going to see David come out of nowhere and do something to her very unpleasant. The cat was just used as a false plateau. However it did fright me as the sound that was used was very quick loud and unexpected. It also made me feel full of suspense such as very fast heartbeat and heavy breathing, and addition am sure the audience will feel the same. I was really inspired by the technique of "False Plateau' as I thought it would be a good way to engage the audience into watching a film. I would like to use this in my thriller clip.

Example 2:
At the beginning of the film a feeling of normality is established. At a moment where a normal looking man getting ready in the morning for work. Having a shower, shaving and eating breakfast in a normal family orientated house. This automatically makes the audience feel relaxed and comfortable, however, this type of normality hides the whole scene behind when the thrill is introduced and the feeling of tension and fear has begun.

Example 3:
In the second to last scene, starting from when Michael goes into the basement to try and find something out about David if he is hiding anything, a lot of suspense is created. When Michael's girlfriend, Kelly, tries to call him because she sees David, and his phone drops on the floor, immediately suspense is being created because as the audience you don't know whether he is going to make it out in time or if David is going to catch him. Also, in this scene, when Michael runs to the stairs of the basement trying to get out and finds out the door is locked, the suspense is again built as the audience know David can hear his screaming for Kelly, so they know that something bad is about to happen. (Bomb Theory)

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