Thursday, 27 January 2011

Livetype and Sound

In class we learnt how to use Livetype and Soundtrack Pro properly. Livetype is a program used to make and edit opening credits to make them look extra flashy while Soundtrack Pro is used to make the soundtracks for video clips.

With Livetype there are many effects to choose from to make the words stand out like transitions i.e. fade. You could also change the colors and the background effects. I experimented with the program by writing my name and messing around with all the available features. I changed the font type and added some animation and then changed the background. I did all of that to familiarise myself with the progam.

Soundtrack Pro was the other program we used was Soundtrack Pro. It was used to make the background music of our bag swap. This was more fun to use as the variety of different sounds that were there were really interesting and some of them were quite funny. I also experimented with this program by playing around with the sounds and mixing them about to make the best sound for the bag swap clip.

In the end, the whole group sat together and found the best sound and edited it into the clip. To do this we had to add the video to SoundTrack Pro and place the music underneath.

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