Monday, 3 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres that inspire you at the moment...

Thriller Sub-genres
- Super Natural Thriller-  Eg: Signs
- Psychological Thriller-  Eg: The shinning
- Action Thriller-  Eg: Phone Booth
- Innocent on the run Thriller-  Eg: Enemy of the state
- Acquired Identity Thriller-  Eg: Momento
- Political Thriller-  Eg: The firm
- Murderous Passion Thrillers-  Eg: Fatal Attraction
- Romance Thriller-  Eg: He loves me, he loves me not

Psychological and romance thrillers are sub-genres that inspire me at the moment. Both of these genres differ from one another but still manage to contain all the features of suspense, creating an instant attraction towards the different types of audiences.
Psychological thrillers are very good on keeping the audience wondering on what is going to happen next. This type of sub-genres play with audiences mind and therefore achieves one of the main and important features of suspense.
 The Alfred Hitchcock thriller film " Psycho" is a good example of the "mind playing"  technique that a Psychological thriller film has. I enjoy this film because it keeps the audience wondering what is going to happen next and in what mind state the main character, Norman Bates will be in.

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