Thursday, 27 January 2011

Introduction To Editing

In Today’s lesson (18/01/11), we edited the bag swap clip. When we watched our clip back we was not very happy with it and thought it did not really go with the theme we were suppose to do, so we decided to do it again and change the whole story. The idea behind this was to have 12 different shots/scenes, which the bag swap takes place with either one or both characters know about it. We Edited a little bit of our work, put the ‘in’ and ‘Outs’ on sections we wanted, and added them to the final clip sequence and add effects like dissolve the clips, by using the software ‘Final Cut Pro’.

Next Lesson (20/01/11) we will be able to continue editing and experimenting with a few more effects. EG: Slowing down the clips, adding music and increasing the speed. 

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