Saturday, 22 January 2011

Font analysis

Fonts used in Thriller openings

In this lesson, we learned about two different types of fonts which are usually used in the openings of thriller films. We learned how to distinguish them from one another and where each font is suitable to use.
Here are the two different types of fonts:

Serif Fonts- Such as Times and Courier
                   Serif fonts are generally more traditional and often slightly more formal than 'Sans Serif 'fonts.
                   (A Serif is the extra little detail at the end of each stroke of every letter)

Sans Serif fonts- Such as Ariel and comic Sans
                              Sans Serif fonts are generally more informal, more modern and more    'freindly'.
                              The font is basic, direct and very simple.

Here are examples of the Fonts being used on thriller films:

This tye of font is used on the 'Pearl Harbour' poster as it reflects the formality and imporatnce of the characters seen on this particular poster. The Serif font is also a very old font which merges very well with the historical appearance of the film. The letters are all in capitals which almost gives an appearnce of them standing tall, it also gives away the regimental theme of the movie.


Most of the Sans serif fonts have a very bold and big appearance. In this 'Rocky' poster, the boldness is seen very well. This font relates very well with the theme of the film as it almost represents the big, mascular body of a boxer like 'Rocky'. The font is also sqeezed into the poster almost showing as if the letters are going to come out and punch the viewer. Lastly, the font is very informal just the way the main charcter 'Rocky' is in the film.

Overall, from this lesson I learned that the font used in every film poster has a puprpose. The font usually reflects what the film is going to be about. I found this lesson very useful as it made me think what type of my group should use in our thriller opening. I believe that the font should reflect the theme of the film.

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